welcome to the world of meetags - a simple standard syntax for geolocation tags
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A meetag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with an underscore ("_").

It is a form of metadata tag you use to meet with someone or something.

It is the constructed word representing a static or dynamically moving/changing geolocalized entity.

Words in messages on microblogging and social networking services may be tagged by putting "_" before them, either as they appear in a sentence, (e.g. "There is a concert going _montreuxjazzfestival", "the world wide web was invented _cern _geneve", ...) or appended to it.

Meetags makes it easy to understand where you mean. It can also be mapped using a compatible browser that will link the meetag to its potentially moving geographical location. The geoposition can then be tracked by:
  1. looking at places on maps (e.g. openstreetmap, ...)
  2. by tracking messages on online services like twitter, instagram, ... including the equivalent hashtag or @ identifier you can represent positions relative to a specific internet identity (e.g. "@therealjonyive is _tim_cook" to show somebody following someone else, ...)
  3. using latitude/longitude/altitude/radius (e.g. _46.44/8.07 - Aletsch glacier in Switzerland, with altitude and radius being optional, in meters)
  4. ... you'll find some other ways ...

It is the simplest/shortest way for expressing the dynamic nature of real world presence (e.g. landmarks, persons, groups, events, ... ).

Try it, and it will soon seem indispensable. Tags used to meet... :)

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